Feasibility Study
Larantuka Strait
up to 7MW
First power

At Nova Innovation we are passionate about transforming the power of our seas and oceans into clean, predictable energy. 


Nova’s tidal turbines have no visual impact on the landscape as the subsea turbines rest on the seabed and are hidden from view. The turbines work in harmony with marine wildlife and there are no dams or barriers.

Our FLITE project investigates the opportunity to generate renewable energy from the tide in the Larantuka Strait, one of the strongest tidal currents in Indonesia.



We are delighted to be working with the following partners:
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The Institute has a special interest in exploring the potential for tidal energy in Indonesia and has conducted extensive research on tidal energy sites, technology and socio-economic impacts.
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Within Energy Catalyst round 8: clean energy access, we have been awarded funding and accompanying support for this Feasibility Study.
Indonesian industrial partners
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We are working with local industrial partners to identify supply chain opportunities